Ascotec – A well known brand in the steel sector


ASCOTEC Holding GmbH was established in 1990 with a starting capital of 100.000,- DM in Dusseldorf / Germany. Having achieved more than two decades of successful business performance, ASCOTEC Holding GmbH has increased its share capital to 25 Million EUR and enjoys a high-ranked credit worthiness.

  • As an ISO Standard certified holding company we manage the strategic, administrative and the financial management of our group.
  • Our subsidiaries and our business partners trust in our professionalism and expertise.
  • The permanent increase of efficiency and effectiveness is our aim, in order to offer comprehensive and competitive services to the clients of the ASCOTEC Group.
  • These services comprise comprehensive procurement, engineering, technology, financing and logistic services.
  • We, as ASCOTEC Holding GmbH, spend all efforts in the utilization of synergies and allocate our resources to the best use for our clients.
  • With a diversified portfolio of various subsidiary companies and investments in the mines and metals industry we strive to contribute and participate in the progress of this sector.