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A large number of well known companies have been relying on our support and services for the past 25 years. As a full scope service provider we spend all our efforts in satisfying their demands and expections.

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KSC - Khouzestan Steel Company

With an annual capacity of 3.6 million tons Khouzestan Steel Company is the largest crude steel manufacturer in Iran. Slabs, Blooms and Billets are produced to international standards and exported to the global market.

MSC - Mobarakeh Steel Company

Mobarakeh Steel Company is the largest steel producer in the Middle East and Northern Africa and the largest DRI producer in the world. It is a quality producer of more than 50% of Iran’s steel in all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances, and packaging. Mobarakeh Steel operates in seven industrial complexes and employs more than 20,000 people in different parts of the country. 

Khouzestan Oxin Steel Company

As the first producer of heavy wide and heat treated plate  in the Middle East Khouzestan Oxin Steel company is using the latest state-of the art technology to offer the best quality products to its clients. The company can produce plates with a thickness of 10-60 mm and a width of 1100 up to 4500 mm.

Golgohar - Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company

GolGohar follows a mining tradition in this region which dates back 900 years. GolGohar Mines contain 6 ore bodies spread over an area of 40 square km. The total deposits of iron ore in the region are estimated to be over 1.135 billion tons. The major ore body has a deposit of more than 650 million tons. At GolGohar, 9 million tons per year of concentrate is produced through crushing, dryng and wet grinding as well as magnetic separation methods using low intensity magnetic separators. Dry magnetic separation extracts 65% of the final product and the rest is obtained by a process of wet magnetic separation. The Group has performed several expansion projects and has more in the pipe line.

NISCO -National Iranian Steel Company

National Iranian Steel Company is a well-known engineering company specialized and active in the field of management and construction of steel mills, as well as implementation of mining and steel making projects in Iran. The company plays a significant and strategic role in Iran’s expansion of national production.

Jahan Foolad Sirjan

Jahan Foolad Steel Company is a newly established producer of sponge iron in Iran and belongs to the GolGohar Mining and Industrial Group. With an annual capacity of 1 Mio tons, it makes a good contribution to the local and international demand of DRI.

SKS - South Kaveh Steel Company

South Kaveh Steel (SKS) as a well–reputed company, is one of the main producers of sponge iron in Iran. Thanks to their two DRI-modules, it is able to supply more than 1,9 Mio tons of sponge iron, annually, to both domestic and international markets.

Hormozgan Steel Company

Hormozgan Steel (Hosco) is a producer of steel slabs and is owned by Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Co. It is considered as Iran's most advanced steel ingot production plant in the southern province of Hormozgan.

INSIG - Iran National Steel Industrial Group

With an annual production of 1,4 Mio tons, INSIG is Ira's main producer of seamless pipes. A large part of its production is allocated to fulfill the country’s local needs. However, the company also exports its products to foreign markets.

Khorasan Steel Complex

Khorasan Steel Complex is situated at a distance of about 15 kilometers South West of Neyshabor.  The Company is located on a plot of 1400 hectares with the following plants and capabilities : light structural steel mill 550,000 tpy, two direct reduction plan each 800,000 tpy, billet production 630,000 tpy ; as well as steel production two 720,000 tpy and two others under construction project , Iron ore concentrate 2.5million tpy and Iron ore palletizing plant 2.5million tpy.

All above capabilities and expansion projects have been led by the Khorasan Steel Complex to the third pillar of the country's steel production in Khorasan Razavi Province

ZABOL Cement Company