We allocate our resources to the best use of our clients

ASCOTEC Group is proud to offer a full scope of services:

With professionalism, reliability and customer-oriented Services, the ASCOTEC Group has achieved a unique reputation in the steel industry and has become a well-known brand. With our expertise and our wide network of business relationships that has been established over many years, we combine full scope services, know-how, teamwork and responsibility throughout the group.

  • Nearly 1 Billion Euro of assets and an average annual group turnover of 500 Mio EUR grant ASCOTEC Group the position of being the largest Iranian offshore company worldwide.

  • As a full subsidiary of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization  (IMIDRO) our aim is the contribution to the development of the Iranian Mines and Metals Industry. 

  • We are delighted to act as a main technical and commercial link between the Iranian Mines and Metals Industry and its clients and suppliers around the world. Through our business we continuously strive to uphold and strengthen these links.

  • Over the last years Iran has become one of the top 14 steel producing countries in the world.

  • ASCOTEC Group is proud to have participated and contributed to this great development by defining this field  of activity as its core competence and spending all efforts in enhancing these capacities and capabilities.

  • The headquarter of ASCOTEC Group is located in Düsseldorf / Germany.