The pillars of our success


Development and transfer of know-how, technology and industrial trade between Iran and international markets.


To be one of the international leading companies in the field of trade, development and transfer of know-how.

GOALS 2019

  • Expansion and development of lucrative trade, industrial business and expansion of market share
  • Innovation and development of valuable technologies with registered patents
  • Transfer of technical knowledge to Iran and improvement of human skills
  • Growth of brand value and creditworthiness
  • Growth of Potentials and competitiveness
  • Development of stable cooperation with international owners and suppliers of technologies
  • Establishment of enhanced interaction and sustainable cooperation with suppliers
  • Expansion of the scope of industrial and commercial Services
  • Financing and attraction of foreign Investors to industrial projects in Iran
  • Export development of Iranian technological and industrial products
  • Development and transfer of innovative technologies, exploration and process of mines and mineral industry


  • Continuous communication with customers and learning or identifying of industrial and techno-logical needs for an adequate supply
  • Identification of new customers and introduction of the Company group's Potentials
  • Selection of adequate materials, machinery and technologies and maintenance of business relations with reputable international suppliers
  • Identification of the needs of industrial markets and related technologies as well as spending efforts to learn and develop them
  • Enhancement of cooperation with owners of technology, research institutions and universities, to acquire and extend skills and knowledge
  • Providing continuous information on the technical and economic capabilities of ASCOTEC Group for the academic, business and industrial centers of the world
  • Interaction and conclusion of long-term agreements with suppliers, owners of technologies, customers and other stakeholders
  • Interaction with and encouragement of international business enterprises and foreign Investors to participate in industrial development projects in Iran
  • Introduction and marketing of Iranian products and technologies on international markets
  • Providing and design of training programs for the transfer of technical knowledge
  • Development of international technological and managerial Standards in the Company group
  • Recruitment and training of competent, professional specialists in the Company group


  • Registered patent of "Production Plants of Sponge Iron Construction Technology (PERED)"
  • Technical knowledge of design, supply and execution of construction projects for iron and steel production
  • Conclusion of exclusive supply agreements with a number of international producers and owners of technology in Iran
  • Significant financial creditworthiness in European and Iranian Banks, observance of current international standards in all activities and services of the Company
  • Deployment of experts and specialists in the following technologies:

    • Execution of projects for the construction of sponge iron production plants
    • Execution of projects for the construction of steel production plants
    • Construction of ancillary units and industrial automation


  • Due attention to the environment and its preservation
  • Entrepreneurship and economic efficiency
  • Support of Iranian industries to achieve self-sufficiency
  • Training of inquisitive and motivated workforce
  • Creation of a healthy and safe work environment
  • Promotion of Iranian industrial products on international markets
  • Customer orientation and regard to the rights of customers and other stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement of quality and innovation
  • Adherence to law and observance of discipline
  • Consideration of human dignity and social justice